General Meeting Minutes 8.31.16

Present: Officers, Janna, Terrencefile_003

Snacks were provided and the Google Hangouts meeting room was open


Earl updated everyone on the plans for RECESS. It will be held every third Thursday besides November. Students can drop by and get feedback on their work from a faculty member and other students.

Literature Review Workshop

Dani updated everyone on the plans for the literature review workshop on Sept 14th from 12-2. Several speakers will participate in the event: Dr. Kate Anderson Dr. Katie Bernstein, Dr. Jeanne Powers, Dr. Michelle Jordan, Amanda Potterton, and Dr. Erin Rotheram-Fuller. The first part will be presentation, then there will be three breakout sessions: 1. Refining search terms 2. Creating a document to organize 3. Writing a lit review

Mixed Methods Workshop

Eric and Dani updated everyone on the plans for the mixed methods workshop Oct. 21/Oct. 22 from 9am to noon.

Dissertation Panel

Olivia updated everyone on the plans for the dissertation panel on Oct. 26 from 2pm-3pm.


Discussion: Janna and Terrence both said that TCDC was doing a great job this semester. They both appreciated the events that TCDC is planning. Terrence requested a practical information session on comp exams and dissertations, and TCDC will notify the Program Committee student advisory board members to see if the committees can organize something.

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