General Meeting Minutes 9.28.16

Present: Officers, Janna, Medha, Shannon, Kevin, Meg, Christiana, Nicole. Google Hangouts meeting room was open.

TCDC Officers updated attendees on upcoming events:

APA workshop

The event will be held on 10/5 from 5pm 6.30pm  at downtown campus with Dr. Karen Harris. An event flyer was sent out to all students this week.


Earl updated everyone on the plans for RECESS. The next RECESS will be held on 10/20 from noon to 1.15pm. Students can drop by and get feedback on their work from a faculty member and other students. Students can come get ask questions and get help with research. There is also an ongoing chat group that students can join. Students can also talk about TCDC presentation ideas at RECESS.

Mixed Methods Workshop

Eric and Dani updated everyone on the plans for the mixed methods workshop Oct. 21 from 9am to noon in room 208 of the Payne Education Building. Kate Anderson and Magarita Pivovarova will give an overview of mixed methods research and facilitate breakout sessions, in which students will be able to workshop their ideas/questions/data/research design.

Dissertation Panel

Olivia updated everyone on the plans for the dissertation panel on Oct. 26 from 1.30pm-3pm. Four fourth-year students are coming to talk about dissertation process.

Stress Relief Day

Those in attendance talked about ideas for the Stress Relief Day, which included food, games, coloring books, puppies (maybe?).

Football Game

TCDC is organizing a group visit to football game on 10/22 versus WSU, Eric to send email.


TCDC Officers facilitated a group discussion guided by questions from attendees 

Research Assistantship Survey

There was a long discussion about the purpose of logging time and the survey. Some people voiced concerns about providing this information.

TCDC Research Conference

Several students in attendance had questions about the conference. The call for proposals went out last week. It’s a student conference. Professors and other students can come to give feedback. There might be funding to get posters made. Students can do roundtable presentations, formal paper, or symposium. TCDC is also open to alternative formats.

Business Cards

Several new students asked questions about business cards. There was some discussion about details to be included on business cards. Officers advised that if students want business cards, they should consult Tara. One student asked about the possibility of making business cards free for incoming students.

Reserving Rooms

One attendee asked about the process of reserving rooms. Students can reserve rooms in library or business college. TCDC can also book rooms for students, especially those working on comps or dissertation. Students can also talk to Jan Mancini in the Dean’s Office.


One attendee asked about getting some computer monitors in the grad space. TCDC will add to list of questions. Monitors are cheap at surplus.


Is there a way to find out if any other grad students are going to a conference? Earl suggested signing up for the organization’s listserv. Dani suggested joining organization’s grad student organization.

Independent Study/Reading Group

One student wanted to talk about how to organize an independent study or reading group. Katy told her how to coordinate with professors. Dani and Olivia talked about forming a reading group with professors. The hardest part about independent studies/reading groups is finding rooms. Medha wants recommendation for engineering professors, Lydia gave some ideas. Many people recommended taking classes outside the college.


Available at Sun Devil Recreation Center for $45/hour.

Social Hour Suggestion

LLT students want to see EPE students more. LLT students want some sort of social event.

Inaugural Symposium of CIES

Global learning metrics conference in Scottsdale. Jana gave details. Cocktail hour on Thursday. Symposium is designed as a debate. Student rate of $50, there are also a limited number of ways to volunteer to get in free.

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