ICYMI: Dissertation Process Panel

Update: The video from the event is now live here!

On October 26, Amber Ray (current LLT), Maria Goff (current LLT), Rob Vagi (current EPE), Jennifer Clausen (2013 graduate, Curriculum and Instruction in Language & Literacy) answered questions about their various experiences during their dissertation process (comprehensive exams, dissertation prospectus, dissertation study, analyzing and writing the dissertation, and defending the dissertation). Because a majority of the attendees were working on their comprehensive exams, panelists focused on the comps defense, proposal process, data collection, and writing the dissertation. They discussed their timelines for each step of the dissertation and potential issues that delayed this timeline. They also relayed information about what each of their comps and proposal defenses were like in terms of expectations, length, and visuals.

Panelists also offered advice based on their personal experiences, which included: finding a writing group to help stay accountable and avoid loneliness, trying to live in the moment and slow down enough to enjoy being able to submerge ourselves in research, and choosing committee members that can work together and bring different strengths to your dissertation. Jennie Clausen also offered valuable insights into the dissertation defense and how to survive writing a dissertation while balancing a family.

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