General Meeting Minutes 10.26.16

Present: Officers, Janna, Meg, Shannon, Obiageli, Terrence

Google Hangouts meeting room was open.

Update on Grad Space

We are waiting on whiteboards, corkboard, and monitors for working spaces.

Dissertation Panel

Olivia updated everyone on the plans for the dissertation panel today from 1.30pm-3pm. Four fourth-years coming to talk about dissertation process.

Plans for Stress Relief Day

November 30th from 11am to 2pm – food, games, coloring books, puppies (maybe?), maybe massage in May

TCDC will send survey in January to get feedback about programming.

  • Janna wants Day of service for TCDC and Division G
  • Students teaching students about different programs – Friday event – different activity every hour
  • Basketball game next semester, ASU or Suns
  • Conference proposal/funding/practice workshop
  • Reference management systems. Library? If you join RefWorks, you can have access to RefWorks after you graduate
  • How to manage online social presence as an academic
  • How to build website


TCDC Officers facilitated a group discussion guided by questions from attendees 

First-year students asked about setting up a Google Doc/Sheet to share information about conferences. Who’s going to what conference? Google spreadsheet on TCDC website. Maybe Facebook page?

Dani would like to collect a list of alumni names and/or email addresses.

Obiageli talked about the specific needs of EdD students. EdD program is 3-year, rigorous program. Research is intertwined with worksite. End goal is K-12, higher education, or private settings. The online program is very new. EdD uses Facebook a lot. Students are very curious about conferences. Obiageli to ask other students in cohort about allowing TCDC to join EdD Facebook page in order to send notifications.

TCDC to update Conference List on website to include descriptions of events. Maybe include information about associations, GPSA would benefit from funding information.

TCDC to revive This Is Grad School blog???

Discussion about how to make connections with classroom teachers in order to conduct research? EdXChange does a lot of this. Piggyback on EdXChange? Not only K-12, but also alternative and higher educational programs. Some students feel like there is too much focus on K-12. Lydia to connect with higher ed staff. Terrence to send list of higher ed people to Dani. Lydia and Dani talked about doing a podcast on higher ed stuff. If we make podcast, we may want to offer it to professional development organization.




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