General Meeting Minutes 11.23.16

Present: Officers, Janna, Terrence, Sarah, Maria

Google Hangouts meeting room was open.

Update on Grad Space

Dani updated everyone about the renovations in the grad space. There are now four computer monitors for use , although there aren’t adapters for all types of computers. Kevin left one dongle in the grad space for Mac users. The corkboard needs to be reordered because it was damaged. Five whiteboards have been ordered, but no delivery date has been set.

Plans for Stress Relief Day

Stress Relief Day will be next Wednesday (11/30) from 11am to 1pm. There will be ice cream, coffee, games, coloring stuff, and a raffle. All doctoral students and faculty members are invited.

Program Representatives

Three new reps have been selected. Janna – EPE, Shannon – LLT, Toya Abrams – EdD. Toya will talk to EdD students about needs and report back to TCDC.

Course Scheduling

The Executive Committee is working on alternative class times so that courses aren’t always in the evenings and on the same days. The EC is considering block scheduling at 11am and 1pm – nothing set yet. TCDC encourages students that care about scheduling issues to participate in the college focus groups.

Spring Planning Ideas

  • Day of service for TCDC and Division G
  • Taking class projects and turning them into a publication
  • Students teaching students about different programs – Friday event – different activity every hour
  • Basketball game next semester, ASU or Suns
  • Conference proposal/funding/practice workshop
  • Reference management systems
  • How to manage online social presence as an academic
  • How to build a website

TCDC Conference

We currently have 36 proposals for the conference, 12 are poster sessions. Poster sessions will be in courtyard, we should have coffee/snacks.

Campus Inclusion Discussion with Sarah Diaz

  • How can students support each other?
  • Division G held a meeting to discuss issues and gather resources
  • Sarah is gathering a list of resources that she will share with everyone. TCDC to add list to the website.
  • Students are encouraged to continue adding to the list of resources
  • Sarah thinking of next steps
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