GradCast is Live!


GradCast Episode 1: “Grad School Goals”

TCDC is pleased to announce the launch of GradCast, our new podcast about navigating the challenges of graduate school and beyond. Hosted by Dani Kachorsky, Lydia Ross, and Earl Aguilera, this podcast was created to provide a glimpse into the world of doctoral education at the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College, as well as serve as a resource for listeners interested in digging a little more deeply into topics we won’t always be able to explore through more traditional event formats.

Check out the first episode here, which focuses on current students sharing their own graduate school goals for the Spring 2017 semester, and features interviews with Katy Chapman, JD Lopez, and Stephanie Reid. And stay tuned for upcoming episodes featuring additional interviews, listener submissions, tips and tricks for surviving and thriving in grad. school, and more.

Special thanks once again for all those who participated in the making of our first episode, including Katy Chapman, JD Lopez, Stephanie Reid, Shannon Mulhearn, Kevin Close, Janna Goebel, and Kevin Winn.

We hope you enjoy, and that you’ll join us for more episodes to come!

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