ICYMI – Dissertation Data Collection and Analysis Workshop

On Saturday, April 8th, 2016, the Teachers College Doctoral Council hosted a Dissertation Data Collection and Analysis Workshop for all interested Ph.D. students. We were pleased to feature Drs. Margarita Pivovarova, Bryan Henderson, Lynne Watanabe Kganetso, and Keon McGuire as our panelists for this essential event.


Dr. J Bryan Henderson discusses the importance of grounding your dissertation study as both drawing from and contributing to existing theory.

TCDC Historian Kathryn (Katy) Chapman opened the event with welcoming remarks, and then each panelist gave a brief presentation, highlighting tips and recommendations for completing various types of data collection and analysis. Dr. Pivovarova advised everyone on general organization and data procurement procedures and Dr. Henderson discussed the importance of identifying theories and establishing a clear research plan. Dr. Watanabe Kganetso described a research design table that she created which included the phases of her study, her research questions, data sources, and data analyses and Dr. McGuire advised on the importance of identifying ontological beliefs and epistemological stances.

Questions were asked throughout the event to each of the panelists. Students were welcomed to ask questions specifically about varying types of data collection methods, data analysis timelines, or anything else of interest in regards to the dissertation processes for the Educational Policy and Evaluation (EPE) and Learning, Literacies, and Technologies (LLT) PhD programs.

Everyone who attended the event said that they learned an incredible amount and were excited to move forward with their dissertation or other individual research project work, using the recommendations provided by the panelists. TCDC would like to thank all students and faculty who participated and hopes that you will all join us for our next event!

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