TCDC Conference Schedule

4th Annual Education Research Conference Schedule

When: January 26, 2018

Where: Payne Hall (EDB) – Tempe Campus Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Arizona State University

Schedule of the Day

Time Activity Location
9 – 9:30 am Check-In & Breakfast 129
9:35 – 10:05 am Poster Session 129
10:10 – 10:40 am Paper Presentations 101, 103, 107, 129
10:45 – 11:15 am Roundtable Presentations 101, 103, 107, 129
11:20 – 11:50 am Paper Presentations 101, 103, 107
11:50 am – 1 pm Lunch & Keynote 129


9:35 – 10:05 am – Poster Session – Payne 129

Analyzing the Multimodal Complexity of Online Learning Platforms  Earl Aguilera

Prison to School Pipeline: Self-efficacy and Barriers to Higher Education for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals  Kendra Bell

Institutional History of the First English Language Program  Adam Clark

Creating Empowerment through Mindfulness  Gina Delgado

Physical Activity Facility Use in Arizona High Schools  Janelle Griffo

Writing POWerful Opinion Essays: Strategies for 4th and 5th Graders Learning English  April Longa

Perceptual Gaps: Parent Perceptions of Health and Physical Activity Messages at School  Shannon Mulhearn

Crossing Boundaries: Exploring Metaleptic Transgressions in Contemporary Picturebooks  Stephanie F. Reid

Healthy-Behavior Knowledge and Retention of Rural Secondary Physical Education Students  Hyeonho (Henry) Yu

10:10 – 10:40 am – Paper Presentations 

Payne 101

What’s the Point of Reading Fluently?  Laura Beth Kelly

Moving Beyond Formulaic Writing Instruction   Anthony Celaya

Payne 103

Presidents v. President: University leadership in Trump’s America  Janna Goebel

Philanthropic Foundation Investment Categories and Early Childhood Education  Kathryn P. Chapman

Payne 107

Always In Media Res: Applying Rhizomatic Thinking to the Collective Experiences of Pre-Service Writing Teachers  Jasson Griffith

Exploring Teacher Identity and Intentionality Through Classroom Artifacts  Melissa Warr

Payne 129

Image Matters: Investigating the Young Adult and Middle Grade Multimodal Novel  Stephanie F. Reid

Using Poetry and 21st Century Social Tools to Connect Students Across Borders  Kristina ByBee

10:45 – 11:15 am – Roundtable Presentations  

Payne 103

Student Teacher Perceptions and Reflections  Mandy Luszeck

Preservice teachers’ learning as represented in their narratives during a music education course   Soyeon “Sally” Kang

 Payne 103

On a Mission to Create a Community of Scholars: A Multimodal Analysis of a College Assistance Migrant Program  Megan N. Troxel

Honoring Student Voice in Transition: (Re)Imagining Support Along the Way  Sarah Salinas

Payne 107

Responding to Writing: The Power of Conferencing in ELA Classrooms   Michelle Glerum

Teachers and students as “architects of change”: Investigating comparative genocide instruction in two high school English Language Arts classrooms  Stephanie F. Reid

10:45 – 11:15 am – Roundtable Presentations, continued

 Payne 129

Exploring Student Attitudes Towards Admissions Policies, Equity, & Fairness in STEM  Lydia Ross

Discrimination as an art form: A case study of People Who Care vs. Rockford Board of Education  Kevin Winn

11:20 – 11:50 am – Paper Presentations  

Payne 101

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: Negotiations of Beauty in Preschool Student Discourse  Megan N. Troxel

Charting the Future”: Bullying and Surveillance in the Age of Big Data  Tim Wells

 Payne 103

How an Engineering Research Experience for Teachers Promotes Integration of Joint Activity Systems in Curricular Design  Wendy Wakefield

Positioning of Under-qualified Female Undergraduate Students in the Middle of a Cross-Age Engineering Research Experience Team   Christiana Bruchok, Wendy Wakefield, Nicole Bowers, & Michelle Jordan

 Payne 107

CAMP Scholars Inventandose in the University  Brenda Mora-Castillo & Oscar Mancinas

Online teacherpreneurship: Shedding light on this practice, its outcomes, and the individuals who pursue it  Catharyn C. Shelton & Leanna Archambault

Payne 129

The More We Get Together: An Ethnographic Study Comparing Public Library Programs for Young Children  Kathryn P. Chapman

Small-Group Reading in Elementary School: How Hard Should the Books Be?  Laura Beth Kelly

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