Academic Writing Workshop 4/26

We had a great Academic Writing Workshop with Dr. David Carlson on April 26.  Huge thanks to Dr. Carlson and to everyone who attended.  We recorded the workshop, so click on the “read more” option to go to the full blog post and find the link at the bottom of the post.

During the workshop, we first talked about all of the different types of writing that fall into the broad category of scholarly writing, of which academic writing is a subset. In order for a piece of writing to be considered as academic writing, it needs to be situated in the scholarly literature – Dr. Carlson asserts that this is the only way to answer the “so what?” question.

We then focused in on grant writing, conference proposals, journal articles, and the importance of knowing your audience, which will vary depending on the type of writing you are doing.  Dr. Carlson gave us detailed strategies for where to start writing (hint:  start with your purpose paragraph, NOT with your introduction!), how to write a roadmap for your reader, and how and when to put the scholarly literature to work (hint:  the more the better, and use it throughout your paper!).

If you would like more detailed writing advice, useful tips, and what to do when you get “stuck,” we recorded the workshop, so if you would like to view it, click here.



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