October General Meeting Recap

October Meeting Minutes

Teachers College Doctoral Council held their second general meeting of the ’21-’22 school year!

Updates from DEC were shared. The college is starting the process of curriculum mapping the required courses in its doctoral programs. The goal of this process is to ensure alignment of programmatic performance objectives with those in the required courses in the respective program. There are also upcoming changes for the PhD program! The incoming PhD cohort will offer a flexible program pathway and allow admission of students who are part-time and/or ASU employees.

Other updates included discussing liaisons between TCDC and the EdD program. This is a new opportunity and we are working to figure out what it will look like. Keep an eye out for a survey that will ask what we can do to support EdD students!

The Grad Space can be accessed on the weekends, but you must request a key to access the building (until the key card pad is fixed). After submitting your request, expect a wait time of 7-10 days before receiving your key. Contact Sara Jacobs (sara.jacobs@asu.edu) with your name and ID number if you’d like weekend access.
(Please be aware that air conditioning is not always on during the weekends.)

We had a wonderful discussion during our open forum! Thank you to those who contributed. Germaine Koziarski (gkoziars@asu.edu) is the MFLTC GPSA Assembly representative. Please reach out with GPSA related questions. Students have expressed frustrations around the course proposal process. A group of students are reaching out to find out more about the process with the goal of working with the college to make the process less frustrating for students. If you’d like to be included in this collaboration, please email us at tcdcasu@gmail.com.

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