Copy of Yellow School Supply Company LogoThe Teachers College Doctoral Council (TCDC) is a student organization made up of doctoral students in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College (MLFTC). TCDC was created to provide representation and advocate for students in all of the doctoral programs affiliated with the MLFTC. Our organization acts as a liaison between MLFTC doctoral students and other student governments; university administration; MLFTC faculty, staff, and administration; as well as other support programs and services. Furthermore, TCDC seeks to unify the doctoral student body through interdisciplinary exchanges, lectures, workshops, and symposia. To this end, we organize regular meetings between TCDC officers and MLFTC doctoral students, and distribute a digital newsletter to disseminate important information. We also offer a series of workshops each semester on a variety of topics of interest to students including research methodologies, scholarly writing practices, and professional resources. In addition to academic support, TCDC works to support MLFTC students socially through the organization of regular social gatherings.

TCDC leadership is made of six officers: a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, a social media officer, and a communications officer. In addition to our six leadership positions, all MLFTC doctoral students are invited to be members of the organization. Students must be enrolled in a recognized MLFTC doctoral program or have an interest in the MLFTC. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 1 credit hour and be in good standing with the University. To be considered an Active Member in our organization, you need to register with the organization through our Sun Devil Sync student organization page (Click here to view our SunDevilSync page). Registered members are able to include membership as a service line on their CV.

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