Information for Conference Presenters

Dear Presenters,

The Teachers College Doctoral Council’s 3rd Annual Education Research Conference is this Friday, January 20th. Check-in will begin at 8:30am in the Atrium of the Farmer Education Building and will continue throughout the day. The conference begins at 9am and goes until 2:45pm.
Lunch will be provided at the conference. If you RSVP’d by January 13th, you will receive the lunch you selected. For those who did not RSVP, you will be able to select from the lunch options available.
We encourage you to attend as much of the conference as you are able. This is our biggest conference yet! We have 46 presentations this year from all over Arizona State University. This is a “learning” conference in that it is intended to provide an opportunity for ASU students to practice conference presentation skills in a friendly and supportive environment. As such, please, be a friendly and supportive audience. One way you can show your support is by completing a feedback form for the presentations you attend. Paper feedback forms will be provided in each room, AND a QR code link for a digital version of the feedback form will also be available.
While this is a student conference, this conference will be well attended by professors, scholars, and other professionals. Business and/or business casual dress is encouraged.
Attached you will find the finalized conference program. Please, make note of the time and location of your presentation. Below, you will find some additional information regarding each type of presentation style. Please, carefully read and respond accordingly.
Poster Presentations
Please, arrive early (8:30am) to set up your poster. The poster session will take place in the Farmer Atrium and along the walkway to Payne. People will be able to examine your research throughout morning prior to the actual poster session. The poster session will last approximately 35 minutes. Please, stay by your poster during this session. We have recruited reviewers for each of you, so they will want to see and hear your presentation during this time. We encourage you to leave your poster up throughout the entire conference so that passersby can look at your research throughout the day. If you are unable to do this, you may either take your poster with you after the session, or leave it for TCDC to collect and return to you.
Paired Roundtable Presentations
Paired roundtable presentations last for 30 minutes. There will be two presenters at each table. Each presenter is allocated 15 minutes of the total time. Please, limit your individual presentations to 10 minutes and allow 5 minutes for questions. If you have not presented at a roundtable before, typically roundtable presenters provide their audience with a 1-page handout about their research.
Paper Presentations
Please, email your presentation PowerPoint, pdf, or other presentation media to, or arrive early (8:30am) to load your presentation on the appropriate computer. Paper presentation sessions last for 30 minutes. There will be two presenters in each room. Each presenter is allocated 15 minutes of total time for their presentation. Please, limit your presentation to 10 minutes and allow 5 minutes for questions at the end. A TCDC officer will be present at your presentation to provide a 3 minute and 1 minute warning.
Alternative Format Presentations
If you have a PowerPoint, pdf, or other presentation media, please email it to, or arrive early (8:30am) to load your presentation on the appropriate computer. You will have 30 minutes of total time for your presentation. Since this is an alternative format of your own design, TCDC does not have specific guidelines for what you should prepare or how much time you should designate to any particular activity. However, please, make sure to leave at least 5 minutes for questions at the end of the presentation.
If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact
Dani Kachorsky

Teachers College Doctoral Council

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