Meet the 2019-2020 leadership team behind the Teachers College Doctoral Council below!

President – April Camping


April Longa is a third year PhD student in the Learning, Literacies, and Technologies program. Prior to pursuing research in writing and literacies education, she taught kindergarten, seventh, and eighth grades in metro Phoenix. April is from Arizona, and earned a M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction (Behavior Analysis emphasis), and a B.A. in literature, writing, and film from Arizona State University.

Vice President – Neelakshi Tewari


Neelakshi is a second year doctoral student in the Education Policy and Evaluation program. Her research interests include the purpose of higher education in society, public university systems, impact of privatisation and student development. She has been on various student committees throughout her academic career. Prior to ASU, she was a consultant for the World Bank’s higher education projects in India and a curriculum consultant for an education technology start-up. Neelakshi has a Masters in Education from University of Oxford and a BA (Honours) in Literature from University of Delhi.

Secretary –  Kristi Glassmeyer


Kristi Glassmeyer is a third-year doctoral student in the Educational Policy and Evaluation (EPE) program. Her research interests are focused on academic standards implementation and preservice teacher preparation for science education. Kristi taught integrated sciences, biology, and science research in grades 7-12 for ten years prior to pursuing her PhD. Kristi received her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with a science emphasis from Arizona State University and her B.S. Cum laude from Cornell University.

Treasurer – Janelle Griffo


Janelle Griffo is the treasurer of TCDC and a third year PhD student in the Learning, Literacies, and Technologies program at ASU. Her research interests include interdisciplinary curricula studies in Physical Education and classroom settings and the relationship between physical and spiritual training regarding Christianity. She completed both her B.A. and M.P.Ed in Physical Education from Arizona State University as well as her M.Ed. in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University. Before this program, Janelle taught Preschool – 8th grade in Gilbert, Arizona.

Social Media – Esther Pretti


Esther Pretti is a third-year PhD student in the Education Policy and Evaluation program at MLFTC at Arizona State University. Her research interests include environmental education and human-nature relationships. Esther has worked with environmental education, management and policy for over 10 years in Brazil. She has earned her Masters in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation from Greifswald University in Germany, and a Biology Bachelor’s degree from Londrina State University in Brazil.

Communications – Man Su


Man Su is a second year PhD student in the Learning, Literacies, and Technologies program. Her research interests include the design, development, integration and evaluation of immersive learning experience for bilingual community. Man is originally from Beijing, China and has been a certified Chinese teacher for 5 years. She earned a M.A. in bilingual education at Teachers College Columbia University, and a B.A. in Advanced English Translation and Interpretation at Dalian University of Foreign Languages.


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