Other Resources


Epistemology Quiz (a fun/not too serious quiz that helps you see which epistemological belief system you belong to)


Note Taking (Academic Support)

Attention Students: Put Your Laptops Away (an article about the importance of handwritten notes)


Job Search

Annotated Job Call (Dr. Sherman Dorn annotated this job call to demonstrate what he looks for when he is a member of a hiring committee.) https://docs.google.com/a/asu.edu/document/d/1N83dJAOOBEuWrprEPICAhxnY3aC_cO3dmAupYrKNtP8/edit?usp=sharing

Notes on Interview Season: Some informal thoughts and advice on preparing for job talks and interviews from Dr. Sherman Dorn’s blog. http://shermandorn.com/wordpress/?p=8218 


For phenomenology: Phenomenological Research Methods by Moustakas and Crafting Phenomenological Research by Vagle

For Narrative Inquiry: Understanding Narrative Inquiry by Kim and Narrative Inquiry: A Dynamic Approach by Daiute… and why not, Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences by Riessman

For Community based participatory research: … wait for it… Community Based Participatory Research by Hacker.

Johnny Saldana’s Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers.

Academic Blogs

The Thesis Whisperer (an academic blog dedicated to thesis writing)


Professional Fashion Blogs

The Stylish Academic (focused on maintaining a personal and professional style in academia)


Job Search Resources

Vitae (an academic job search engine)


Academic Keys (an academic job search engine)


Academic Jobs Online (an academic job search engine – international)


The Carnegie Classifications of Institutions of Higher Education (this is the site that can be used to find different types of institutions)


The Professor is In (a blog that focus on the job search including topics like professional attire)


Higher Ed Jobs (an academic job search engine)


Document about Career Competencies

Career Competencies

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